Straćine route list


From left to right.

Left side

  1. Igra 5a 10 m
  2. Barka 5b 10 m
  3. Tri sestrice 5c 10 m
  4. Leut 6b 12 m
  5. Sreća 6c+ 12 m
  6. Jež 6c 12 m
  7. The Doors 6c 15m (No anchor. Instead: stainless steel ring glue-in)
  8. Hlavonožec 7a 15m (No anchor. Instead: carabiner in the last bolt)


  1. 5b+ 20 m
  2. F 6c 24 m
  3. A 6b 27 m
  4. R 6b 25 m
  5. O 6c+ 27 m
  6. S 6b 20 m

Right side

  1. U.S. Aid 4c, 4b+ 44 m (multipitch)
  2. Stari Grad 5c, 6a 44 m (multipitch)
  3. Krš 5a 22 m
  4. Jurin šufit 6b+ 22 m
  5. Petar Hektorović 6a/a+ 22 m
  6. Mudri Dolac 6b (No anchor. Instead: carabiner in the last bolt)
  7. Holliday crack 6c 28m (No anchor. Instead: stainless steel ring glue-in with maillon carabiner)
Topo - Stracine - #1
Topo – Stracine – #1



  1. NICOLAS Eric
    April 22, 2016

    The left side is not very interesting but the middle side is very interesting and it is in the shadow

  2. FrannytheGranny
    August 17, 2019

    For the routes of the left side the Grades are different between the picture and the list in the description above. Which one is correct? We climbed in August, left sector was in shadow the middle sector was up to 2 afternoon in the sun.

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