Accommodation is available all around the island and you can pick between hotels, private accommodation and camps. The hotels tend to be a bit pricy as the island is a popular spot for the celebrities of the world. Private accommodation and camping will be the probable choice, depending on your preferences.

One note: make sure you pick the right location to stay, since the island is not that small and the roads are a bit strange. For example, even though the city of Hvar and the Sv. Nedjelja crag are just 10Km appart, you will need to drive all around the island for about 50km to get there.

So the best place would be somewhere in the middle of the Island main road, near the port-town of Starigrad or Jelsa, or the villages above them in the woods. The villages away from the coast are 2-3Km from the sea and tend to be quieter and cheaper. This will put you near some spots and not to far from all the others.

If you are not coming by car and not planning to rent either a car or a scooter, than you should choose your crag and find accommodation in the walking distance.

We can help you with accommodation, don’t hesitate to drop us an e-mail and we will help you find a climber friendly place.

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  1. Biggi
    March 6, 2020

    Hello guys,

    we are planning to take the ferry from Split to Starigrad today (14:30) and then go climbing on Hvar for like two days. Can you recommend an accomodation and a crag?:) Especially if it remains windy? Our climbing limit is like 7a/7b, at least in the Frankenjura;) We have got a car and a tent.

    Thank you very much in advance!


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