Access to Podstine limited

A landowner started building a house on the only forrest path to Podstine climbing crags. First issue was the avalanche started by a bad mining job that hit the neighbours hard. But the bigger problem is going to hit the neighbours and climbers alike, as the only path to the beaches and climbing crags is probably going to be walled and unavailable.

Two access ways will remain available, but both probably complex

  • By sea, using a small boat
  • By a path close to the sea. Legally, 7m from the seafront is public property and free to use for all citizens. BUT, getting to those 7m will be a challenge, since above it is private land.

For now, do your best to get to Podstine and leave a comment if there are any issues.

(We hope that this does not await other crags on Hvar, as many of them border with private property or are actually on private property. Buying land from a Climbers’ fund to enable access to climbing areas is probably not going to be an option on Hvar, considering the prices.)

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