Podstine (Hvar) Crag

Podstine crag literally means “UnderRock” in Croatian. It is the closest crag to the town of Hvar and the only one in walking distance from it, although a challenging walk. This could be the place for you if you are located in the town of Hvar and stuck with no car or other transport, looking for some climbing.

Basic info

Parking – Near the Podstine hotel, just after the small tunnel. May be difficult in the summer to find a spot
Approach – Walking 20-25min on good terain and the crux 🙂 at the end
Season – Spring, Autumn, Winter, Summer
Climbing – Moderate and easy. Not too many routes.
Equipment – Sport climbing equipment, up to 70m rope, up to 15 quickdraws.
Route listClick here

Getting there

When in Hvar, the easiest way to reach it is to follow the signs towards Podstine hotel (which is near the crag) and take your car there, but be careful since parking is very very difficult to find in the summer.

Also, you can walk by the coast from Hvar centre westward to reach the crag. Follow the signs to Podstine hotel and you should be ok.

Other ways include renting a boat or inflating your own in Hvar harbor and getting yourself 3Km from the harbor to the west. You can’t miss the crag.


Once you reach the Podstine hotel, just after the tunnel, turn to the bushes on the right. You will see a hole in the bushes before the first house from the tunnel.

After that, go westward by the sea towards the crag. It will take you some 20+ minutes, and the last 100m go over boulders in the sea, so be careful not to hurt yourself.


At this time around around 20 sport routes have been bolted in sectors A and B. Other sectors have not yet been opened for climbing and may be on a private property.

The crag is facing south and is suitable for climbing all through the year, as are all crags on the island. Due to the fact that is at the sea level, mild sea breeze is making it easier to climb in the summer. Also, you can enjoy the sea while you are waiting for the perfect time.

Click here for Podstine route list

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