Milna route list

Routes from left to right. Pleas send us comments about the grades to

Sector A – “Milna” (far left side)

  1. Seebar 6b+ 20m
  2. Lavanda 4b 12m
  3. Mirta 5b 15m
  4. Juricin 5b 15m
  5. Sipar 6b 12m
  6. Kaleta 6a 10m
  7. Mašklin 6a 25m (new grade proposed, used to be 6b+)
  8. Lata 6b+/c 25m (new grade proposed, used to be 7a!)
  9. Bovan 6a+ 25m (new grade proposed, used to be 6c!)
  10. Milna 6a 25m
  11. Grablje 6c 20m

Sector B – “Orange”  (central orange rock)

  1. Česmina 7a 25m
  2. Gradele 5c 10m
  3. Cili Bajam ? 20m traverse

Sector C – “Gamba!” (right)

  1. Gamba! Gamba! 7b 25m
  2. Midnight lightning – 7a+ 32m
  3. Franka – 6b+ 32m
  4. Bevanda 6a+ 22m
  5. Fjaka 5c 20m
  6. Lastovo 6a/a+ 20m
  7. Sušac 6a 20m
  8. Pelješac 6a+ 20m
  9. Korčula 6a+ 20m
  10. Horizon 5c 20m

Sector D – “CBD” (far right)

  1. Dalibor Gelo 7c 25m
  2. 3, 4… as around 7c
  3. Mačić around 7b+/c
  4. Škura bura around 7b+
  5. Hvarska Idila 7a
  6. Izgubljeni dječak 7b+
  7. Aromaterapija 7a+

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One Comment

  1. NICOLAS Eric
    April 22, 2016

    We did
    Fjaka 5c 20m (new grade proposed, used to be 6a!)
    Lastovo 6a/a+ 20m
    Pelješac 6a+ 20m
    It was nice and the new grade proposed is good
    Nice rock and climbing
    In the shadow in the morning

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