Sv. Nedjelja (Hills above the village)

These are actually several disctinct climbing areas on the hills of Sv. Nedjelja. None of them are climbed very often so please ask around in Cliffbase if you need detailed descriptions on how to get there.

These climbing areas are very much off the beaten track and some of them are frequented by snakes more than climbers. 


Please do not place bolts without consulting with us using the contact info here. We are trying to make sure that the equipment used is adequate for marine environments and that the crags are being developed in accordance with the local standards.

Basic info

Parking – In the village or on the hill of Sv. Nikola
Approach – Walking 30-45min from the village, same distance from Sv. Nikola
Season – Spring, Autumn, Winter. Summer is way too hot.
Climbing – Moderate and hard.
Equipment – Sport climbing equipment, up to 70m rope, up to 15 quickdraws.
Route listClick here

Getting there

You get there by taking a hike from Sv. Nedjelja towards the cave via a well marked route. The hike will take you about 30-45 minutes and try to avoid doing it when the sun is too strong, but once you are up there there is enough shadow to cool you down. The scenery from up there is stunning as is the view that reaches to Italy on clear days. To reach the village Sv. Nedjelja, check out our directions at the other Sv. Nedjelja article. Check out our interactive map for further details.

To reach the slab sector, there is now a better approach. Take the car to St. Nicola’s hilltop, ask around with the locals how to get there from your base (there are different dirt roads). Once you get there, hike for 10 minutes until the church Gospa od zdravja. The cliff with slabs is 50m to the west under the church, approach is from the west side on not so steep terrain.


Climbing in the cave is obviously on the hard side. There are several routes that are already graded and some projects. Climbing outside the cave on the wall is on the medium towards harder grades, but very specific slab climbing. There is a limited number of routes on the location, somewhere around 8 all together, but it may be worth while your journey at least for the view from up there.

Click here for the route list

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