Welcome to Lučišća

Oops we did it again. We bolted another top notch climbing area on an island that is already packed with world class climbing, often just meters from the beach. This time, it is a world class overhanging beast we now call “Ruža vjetrova”. In English it translates to “Wind rose”, a tool used by sea dwellers to graphically show the winds predominant in a location. The conditions while bolting were wild and the sector named itself.

Most routes were bolted by Klemen Bečan from Slovenia and Roko Roić as a Hvar local. Many thanks to all others who helped in any way, namely Matija Baotić, Fabijan Belić, Marco Francesco Ristić, Ivan Ljubičić and Marija Marjan. Even though there is more work to be done, please be aware that you must consult with the local community before any bolting. Please respect this.

And lastly, thanks so much to the organisations that helped finance this: Hive Climbing Gym Zagreb, TZ Jelsa and TZ Starigrad.

The sector is open as are all of the projects in it. The routes have been cleaned, but they need traffic so please wear helmets as more stuff is expected to fall.

Lučišća, welcome to the Hvar Climbing family.

Take a look at the routes and description here.

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  1. Natan
    June 18, 2022

    Directions on how to arrive to this amazing crag?

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