How do I get here?

Getting to Hvar is always a matter of crossing the sea from some location, since there is no major airport on the island. Nearest port is Split, a mainland city with an airport, railway station and bus stop.

Crossing the sea

As said before, the most obvious and closest mainland is the city of Split, from which you can take a ferry (carries cars and people) or a twin-hulled faster boat (carries only  cars). Destination ports on the Island are Jelsa, Starigrad and the town of Hvar, you should pick your island port depending on your accommodation location. We recommend getting to the Island from Split, since the boat lines are most frequent from here and average about 6 times a day all included and it takes less than 2 hours by boat. Here is a time schedule of local boat lines.

If coming from Split is not convenient for you, you can get boats to Hvar from Rijeka, Drvenik and Korčula in Croatia, or Bari, Pescara or Ancona in Italy. Make sure you check your options and take into consideration the time schedule and the arrival port.

Getting to Croatia and Split

If you are flying to Croatia, there are different options, Croatia Airlines being the most obvious one. Return tickets from major European cities are quite cheap with Croatia Airlines, but there are also cheaper budget Airlines flying to Zadar (100Km from Split) or Zagreb (400Km from Split). Make your choice.

If you are coming by car, just take the main highway A1 in Croatia to Split. Check the toll prices and directions at Michelin Route Planner.

Also, trains offer different options on getting to Split, so check out the schedule of the international and national trains here.

Other traveling info

More info on traveling to Hvar can be found on official web pages of the 3 major tourist boards on the island: Town of Hvar, Town of Jelsa, Town of Starigrad.

If  you end up in the “wrong” town on the island without a car, your options for moving are an unreliable or a reliable but more expensive taxi service. We STRONGLY recommend having some kind of personal transport on the island, car or scooter.

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