About the Island of Hvar

Island of Hvar is one of the top destination for tourists visiting the Mediterranean. It has been featured on numerous top lists of places to visit on Earth and is a popular destination for party seekers, yacht owners, families, nomads and Hollywood celebrities. Hvar really hosts a versatile crowd and there is fun to be had for different sorts.

Some of the top places to visit include the old town Hvar which hosts the oldest theatre building in Europe and a great midieval fortress; or Starigrad, an ancient Greek town from 384BC and now part of UNESCO world heritage. Most of the island is a natural and cultural garden, but also a very lively party center during the summer.

In the last decade, Hvar has become one of the Dalmatian hotspots for sport climbing. Thanks to its God-given rocky cliffs diving in the sea and an abundance of sun, it has been a matter of the right people and the right time. Currently, around 250-300 routes have been bolted on the island and the potential for future growth is in thousands of top rated routes on Dalmatian limestone. There is sports, alpine and deep water solo routes all over the place, but check our route list for further info.

The best time for climbing? Almost all throughout the year.

Check out Hvar pool on Flickr and the pages of Hvar Tourist Board.

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