Best time to come?

The locals climb on the island all throughout the year. Hvar is THE sunniest island in Croatia, which means about 290 sunny days per year or 2700 sunny hours per year.

The island has crags facing southwards which are more suitable in the spring, autumn and winter and also crags facing towards the east and north, more suitable for summer climbing. Visit our Crags&Topos map for a full description of the locations.

A good rule of thumb for winter and autumn is “Check the 14 days forecast” and plan your trip, and in summer and spring you can mostly expect enough climbing days to make it worth your trip anyway.

If you are coming for Deep water soloing (DWS), you should consider the sea temperatures also. Best time of year for DWS is from May to October, but the daredevil in you may even try it in April and November, but make sure you are ready for the exposure. Other months, the sea would just be too cold for this.

Check out the average air temperatures on the Island through the year

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