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There are no climbing shops on the island, so you should make sure you bring enough chalk and all the gear you need.

If you really need some gear, there is a climbing store on the mainland in the city of Split called Iglu Sport. It is in the city centre on the coast line, behind the church of St. Frane. More info on their site. It is 2 hour ferry ride away.

You could get lucky and rent climbing equipment on the island at the Sv. Nedjelja craig if the owner of the venue is there, and he mostly is. This is applicable only if climbing at Sv. Nedjelja (Cliffbase).

Besides these options – bring your own. You should be able to do all the sport routes with a 70m rope and up to 15 quickdraws, but for most you will get by with 60m and 10-12 quickdraws. Bring some old climbing shoes for DWS and let them dry out while you are climbing on the land in the afternoon.

If you need Guides for the rest of the country, you have two options: you can buy an excellent guide that covers all the crags in the country available in paperback at the above mentioned store, or you can buy selected crags detailed crag guides at If you buy digital guide books from the guys at Dalmatia Climbing, money goes back directly into equipping crags in Dalmatia. They have an excellent and the only available DWS guide for Dalmatia.

We are in no way affiliated with any of these stores, agencies or guide book authors. Just linking for your easier access.

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