Our recommendations besides climbing

There’s so much to write in this section that is really out of scope for this site. Activities include visiting the historical old towns, dining at great restaurants, taking a swim in the Adriatic sea or enjoying open beach or club parties.

The most frequented are the beaches and coves on the south side of the island, where the sea and land is paradise-like. You can find crowded or distant beaches with no people, which ever you prefer. The sea is as clear as you will find.

Scuba diving is popular as are other sea sports like kayaking, surfing, sailing or just fishing from a small rented boat. You will get offered all of these in any town so don’t worry about finding help. The island also has great off-road and on-road bike routes as well as tracking routes around the villages.

In the town of Hvar, night life is a huge thing. The town’s bars and nightclubs are packed with people in the high season and not only by night – after beach open air parties are a big thing. Don’t worry, it will be easy to spot, just open your ears for girls screaming and electronic music and follow the sounds. Besides the town of Hvar, active nightlife is available in the town of Jelsa. Other places are pretty much quiet fisherman or farmer towns so take your pick. Once again, if you are coming by car, stay wherever you want, and if not – get your self near the place you want to frequent for climbing and fun.

Check out Hvar pool on Flickr.

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