Straćine crag

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Straćine is a crag near Starigrad and Selca, recently developed into a climbing area.


Please do not place bolts without consulting with us using the contact info here. We are trying to make sure that the equipment used is adequate for marine environments and that the crags are being developed in accordance with the local standards.

Basic info

Parking – Enough for 4 cars, usually available
Approach – Walking 10-15min
Season – Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter. It is facing North.
Climbing – Easy and moderate
Equipment – Sport climbing equipment, up to 70m rope, up to 15 quickdraws.
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Getting there

This crag is located near the village Selca. You will reach the village by driving from Starigrad town towards Hvar and taking a left turn before you reach Starigrad ferry port. Check out the interactive map.


Just as you pass Selca, you will see some parking spots on the left side of the road. Park there and go up to the crag by a narrow unmarked route through the bushes.


It is currently equipped with around 20 sport routes and has good potential for more bolting. It is north faced so the best season for climbing would be spring and summer, but due to the mild climate on the island, climbing is possible all through the year.

Click here for Straćine route list


    May 13, 2022

    Fabian is an excellent guide- safe, knowledgeable and fun! He knows the island well and can suggest appropriate routes for everyone

  2. Markus Brewko
    June 12, 2022

    His Area has the potential to be the Pearl of climbing in Hvar. North faced, beautiful view and scenery, high walls, a lot of shade and a cool breeze…

    BUT….. those who accessed and bolted the routes did just a terrible job. The existing lines are confusingly bolted, barely named and the brst lines through the walls are still without bolts, luckily for future accessors. Even the topo does not correspond to the routes on sight.

    At its current state it s just sad and disappointing to go there. Next time with drill and bolts.

    • June 12, 2022

      Hi Markus, thanks for your opinion. Straćine is definitely not a pearl and it is a bit “forgotten” on the local scene, for sure. I personally do not remember any issues with bolt placement, but I did not go there in the last few years. Did not do it myself, but the bolters who did the routes are extremely experienced. The topo may not be correct, I agree, mostly because I do not go there and send updates to the guide authors. Also, because people put routes without informing and consulting the local community. That said, please do not come with a drill and bolt without consulting the local community, it is strictly “forbidden”. Cheers.

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